Tournaments ADV Grand Slam Playoffs!! WON BY TEMP!!!!

Welcome to the inaugural ADV Grand Slam! The Ubers, UU, NU, PU, and DOU Opens have all been concluded, and the Top 8 players from all over the universe will now compete to become the first ever Smogon ADV Grand Slam Champion!

However, there are NINE players that sort of qualified, so before Round 1 is underway, there will have to be a quick PLAY-IN GAME between the two #8 seeded players. But first, let's meet all the players that qualified:

#1: temp (22 total points)
#2: Heysup (17 total points)
#3: Banbadoro (16 total points)
#4: LpZ (14 total points)
#5: Lhions (12 total points)
#6: Beleth (11 total points - 67% winrate)
#7: zben (11 total points - 64% winrate)
#8: plznostep (10 total points)
#8: bydy (10 total points)

(Slowbroth also had 10 points but elected not to participate in playoffs)

A special thank you to Amaranth a fairy Eledyr sleid and EllingtonReborn for hosting the respected Opens for this tour.

  • Players are seeded according to standings in the ADV Grand Slam spreadsheet
  • All matchups will be Best of 5
  • The higher seed picks the first tier to be played. Afterwards, the loser picks the next tier. No duplicate tiers, so if it goes 5 games that means all 5 tiers will have been played.

#8: bydy v. #8: plznostep

Deadline is Sunday, December 17th @ 11:59 GMT-5 to complete, but if you complete it like tomorrow or something I'll just put R1 up right away. Rules are same as rest of playoffs, Best of 5, and plznostep picks first tier due to higher Win % (80% vs 61%)

:rs/Scyther: GOOD LUCK! :rs/Scizor:
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won ggs

shoutout to byulharang & BlackKnight_Gawain !! i appreciate the help in playoffs i was finished w/o yall helping w/ teams
and s/o all the Adv dou players like zee, xrn and big will that i shamelessly yoinked teams from
congrats for the win.
Thx BigFatMantis for the tour and all the co-host.
Those old gen slams are an excellent idea to play all these tiers outside of team-tournament , i look forward to all these tours this year , it will be very fun.
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